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Feb 4, 2019 9:09 AM
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Registrations are closed, tryouts are done.... (What to Expect Now?)

Registrations are officially closed, tryouts are done and on Monday February 4th the draft process begins. For return players and parents this is nothing new but for many new players and new parents, this is a period that many have a lot of questions due to a period of silence.

For those of you new to OBSA we welcome you to our great organization and we hope that this will help you get a base overview and understanding of everything that happens during the month of February for the 2019 season.

Many messages are coming in asking when people will start to hear from coaches. Well this Monday February 4th 2019 the league presidents, the board of directors and all of the coaches each night will begin selecting their players thru an organized draft process. This process takes about one week as each night one division (American and National sub divisions both when applicable) are completed and made official.

During this draft process the coaches pick their team names, officially assign their coaching staff on record and go thru the daunting task of reviewing all of the tryouts for their age bracket and pick them thru a traditional draft process till all of the players who tried out are selected. (OK, so it may not look like the picture above, but the board room makes a great location!)

Now some of you may be asking “my son/daughter” didn’t make tryouts, what happens to them?”. No worries at OBSA, if they register, they get to play.  Players who did not make tryouts are then grouped into a blind hat pick and the coaches in order will pick their names assigning them one by one to their respected divisions till they are all gone. Simple, right? (T-Ball parents, your children are assigned through a different process. Players are separated into teams by things like age of the player, male or female and also if they are return players with some experience. All these things and more are taken into consideration to assure the best balance possible on all of the T-Ball teams). This process will be repeated all this week till the whole league is set.

After all the draft is completed then the coaches will be given printouts with the player and contact details for all of the kids on their team. Starting February 9th, the coaches will be given the green light to start contacting the families of the players on their team. This process, mainly due to work schedules etc can sometimes take up 1 weeks.

After draft is complete all coaching staff will be attending required courses and meetings scheduled through the week of the 11th (Don’t worry, we have blacked out the Valentines day the 14th so everybody will be home with their loved ones where they belong). Each day a group of coaches will spend the first half of their meeting with the board, the umpires and the Umpire in chief to review the rules of their individual division and to review and discuss any issues they have in previous seasons and the second half will be with the registrar getting a complete tutorial on how to use all of the cool new features we have implemented into the SI Play system as well as all of the coaches tools etc as well as the knowledge to educate all the parents on how to use the app for communication with the coach and scheduling tools.

So the next question is, “When do practices start?”. Practices may not start in any capacity till March 1st unless otherwise specified aby the board of directors. COACHES ARE NOT PERMITTED TO START PRACTICES OF ANY KIND PRIOR TO MARCH 1ST UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! This is due to facility permits and insurance reasons. If the date is moved to an earlier date it will be announced here on the website and on our Facebook page. If it is not posted here, then it is simply not correct information.

Now please note that on Saturday February 23rd we will be holding out annual field cleanup day. This is the day we spend time cleaning up the summer and fall weeds and leaves, clean up the surface of the fields and do any major needed maintenance to help make sure that the players have the best facilities and experience possible. This is a major undertaking, as such we are looking for any volunteers that can help. Please remember this entire league is made up of volunteers who want to make a difference in these kids lives. The more help we get the more we have to offer and the faster it goes!

Field cleanup day will start about 8am and go till it is done. If you can come, we would be ever grateful. Please bring shovels, rakes, leaf blowers, edger’s, and if you own or have your hand in heavy equipment, tractors, digging equipment, dirt haulers, wheel barrels etc please let us know as these big items are all super helpful in making this day as smooth as possible.  If you have access to any heavy equipment and can bring it on this day, please contact us via our Facebook site messenger or email us at

CANDY MONEY?  Candy money will be turned into the coaches once your team starts practicing. Money is due to the coaches by the first week of March

Practice schedules?  Practice schedules, depending on division will come in two different forms. The league does assign some practices on league resources (baseball fields) as they are available. Practices scheduled on league resources are done by the league board of directors ONLY. These schedule practices will be posted into the SI Play system and you will be notified by the SI Play app on your phone. The second practice schedule type is coach scheduled. These are held typically at local parks, grass drain basins etc. Your coach will notify you through the SI Play system and/or direct text. However, that if the coach does not use the SI Play system for scheduling coach assigned practices these practice sessions will not show up on your child’s SI Play app-based schedule.

Practice schedule release “estimated” target dates are as follows-

- League assigned Pre-Season Practices (Month of February) – Estimated Target February 16th
(Note that not all applicable teams will receive league assigned practices each week of February due to limited resources till March 1st.Coaches will schedule other practices).
- League Assigned Pre-Season Practices (Month of March till opening day) – Estimated Target February 21st
- League assigned Post opening day practice schedules or first two weeks of regular season – Estimated Target Schedule March 5th
- League assigned practice schedules for the rest of the season – Estimated Target Schedule March 17th

When do games start?  Games will start March16th immediately following our opening day ceremonies. Typically, there will be a game (1) one game during the week in the late afternoon / early evening and (1) one on Saturdays typically anywhere between 9am and 5pm (depending on sunset times during the season) .

Opening Day Schedules will include games and team photo schedules. We are targeting Opening day game schedules to be posted by no later than March 9th or sooner. Photo schedules will be posted early the week of the 11th.

 When will games schedules be available?

Opening Day Schedule – Target Estimated no later than March 9th
Games March 18th – 30th- Target Estimated no later than March 9th
Games April 1st through the End of the Season – Target estimated no later than March 17th

Playoff Games Schedule (for Qualifying teams)- Posted No later than May 10th
Championship Games – (For Qualifying teams)- Posted No Later than May 16th

Oh, and let’s not forget we will also be issuing the snack shack team schedules close to opening day as well. All teams will have an assigned time at the snack shacks during game days. Your coaches will have more details as we near opening day. If you paid for the Sack Shack Op-Out, no worries, your obligation to the league is as they say, Paid-In-Full!

We will continue to keep you informed as we move along in this process and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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